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We are recruiting the talents of tomorrow today.


Do you have talent and ambition? If you do, we need you. Whatever your background and experience, join us and be part of the development of an international logistics leader. Our growth to date has been rapid and robust: in Europe, Brazil, China and Russia, we recruit and train men and women to take on the future roles that will be necessary for our expansion. 

In a logistics sector at the intersection of cutting edge technologies, more powerful processes and highly demanding areas of expertise, our employees are our most valuable capital. 

At the heart of our corporate culture, people are the engines of our competitiveness: by developing the skills of our employees, providing them with management based on good relationships and consideration and pursuing a coherent long-term strategy, we share with our teams the demanding standards, entrepreneurship and desire that make them our number one competitive advantage.

Our top HR priority is to recruit our future managers early and develop a pool of talent to encourage internal promotion in support of our Ambition 2022 strategy.

Let's start investing together to create success for tomorrow!

Cécile Cloarec

Director of Group Human Resources