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La logique des transports urbain


FM Logistic: 50 years of success

50 years of success

FM Logistic is a family business. Since it was founded, in 1967, it has climbed the steps of success one by one. Today it is one of the principal international players in logistics.


  • The founders of FM Logistic : Edmond FAURE, Claude FAURE, Jean-Marie MACHET

    1967- 2017, 50 years to construct the FM Logistic that stands today. Business life is a challenge every day, especially when experiencing strong and continuous growth. It has been so for our company.
    Our success is not a coincidence. It comes from a strong legacy of family values combined with entrepreneurial spirit and common sense. With the example and a willingness to all sustain our history, the second generation has successfully taken the torch bearers with the foundations of success.
    Today, the management teams combine these values to their own expertise and skills.

    Claude FAURE on behalf of the founders - Honorary President