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  • FM Logistic is expanding its network in Central Europe - Poznan, Poland

    In March 2020, FM Logistic opens a new warehouse and crossdock in Panattoni Park near Poznan, Poland. The crossdock, which together with the warehouse part, occupies 9500 m2, will operate in 24/7 regime.

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  • FM Logistic has received the Logistics Leader award in the category of Integration of producer and distributor supply chains

    Warsaw, 6 December 2019 - During yesterday's Gala of Logistics, Transportation and Production at the Hilton Warsaw Hotel in Warsaw, FM Logistic won the Logistics Leader Award in the category of Integration of producer and distributor supply chains. The event also included the announcement of customer survey results for the Logistics Operator of the Year, as well the best Supply Chain Designer and the Innovative Product for Logistics, Transport and Production.

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  • Preventing MSDs in the logistics sector: FM Logistic unveils the Ergoskel

    Wearing the ergoskeleton reduces strain on the back and upper muscles by 70%

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  • FM Logistic strengthens cooperation with startups through partnership with Plug and Play

    SUNNYVALE, CA October 4th, 2019 – FM Logistic, a third-party logistics (3PL) service
    provider, today announced its partnership with global innovation platform Plug and Play at
    the official launch event of Plug and Play’s new office in Hamburg, Germany.
    This partnership will give FM Logistic the opportunity to work with supply chain startups in
    Plug and Play’s global network and help these startups test their ideas or solutions in real life
    settings. Areas of cooperation will cover solutions to improve e-commerce and omnichannel

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  • FM Logistic reports results for fiscal year 2018-19

    • 11.8 % increase in revenues to €1.3 billion (+15% excluding currency effects)
    • 32% rise in EBIT to €35.1 million
    • €190 million worth of new contracts signed during FY 2018-19
    • Transport revenues up 17%, partly driven by the urban logistics service Citylogin
    • Continued investment in automation and digitisation, net creation of 2,300 full time jobs
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    True to its "Ambition 2022" strategic plan, FM Logistic confirms its development strategy in Asia’s developing countries by setting up base in Vietnam thereby supporting its historical customer, Auchan Retail. This new set up confirms its established strategy of long-term investment in emerging countries, following China in 2004, in 2013 in Brazil and India in 2016,

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    International reference in the fields of warehousing, transport and packing, FM Logistic created Citylogin, an urban, sustainable and effective solution, in 2014. The objective : to limit the impact of delivering goods (pollution, noise, congestion…) in city centres, by using suburb-based warehouses and small hybrid or electric vans.   

    For the past few years, access has been limited for delivery vehicles with combustion engines in the historical city centre of Rome, the first city to have benefitted from Citylogin. Being attentive to customers’ needs, FM Logistic is developing the solution in other cities in Italy, Spain, Poland, Russia and… France.

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    Inventories in logistic, whether tax-based or cycle counting, demand considerable means. Platforms have to hire between 5 and 15 cherry pickers on average and call on many employees.

    Hub One, the information and communication technology service provider for professionals, and FM Logistic, have co-innovated Inventory Viewer; the automated inventory initiative with no need for cherry pickers. The solution was developed by Hub One to FM Logistic’s specifications and it has now been successfully tested on several sites.

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  • Easter chocolate galore at FM Logistic warehouse P3 Prague D11

    Prague, 22 March 2017 – A large new warehouse on the eastern outskirts of Prague is currently home to what appears to be the highest number of chocolate bunnies and seasonal treats in the Czech Republic. The facility has been developed by P3, on a Build-to-Suit basis, for one of its long-term customers, FM Logistic. And, it was delivered in record-time, just 171 days after construction began.


    Overall, FM Logistic leases in excess of 15,000 m2 of storage and distribution space cater to the needs of its client Nestlé, is. The project clearly underscores the current trend of companies preferring strategically located logistics parks that provide synergies with storage, distribution and, where appropriate, sales in the same place.


    FM Logistic’s new warehouse features a total floor area of 39,282 m2. The company uses more than a third of the space to store foods, with chocolate and sweets accounting for a third and coffee for a quarter of the company's stock. The rest includes cereals plus baby and other foods. The facility has been designed and built specifically for this purpose, with the ability to maintain a stable temperature of 16 °C in certain parts of the warehouse.


    "Heating and cooling costs are reduced by extra-thick façade panels and insulated loading and unloading bays and ramps.  As is the case with all our new warehouses, internal lighting is provided by state-of-the-art LED technology. The building has an attractive roof clearance of 12 m, which creates additional storage capacity. Moreover, the warehouse meets strict ecological requirements, including rainwater management. Thanks to an ingenious drainage system, water from the roof and treated wastewater from the parking lots is drained into retention tanks, where it is gradually absorbed into the ground," said Tomáš Míček, P3’s Country Head for the Czech Republic, summarising the advantages of warehouse's design.


    The building provides generous space for logistical operations and features over 80 truck and 150 car parking spaces.  An invaluable benefit for employees and visitors alike is the fact that the complex is only a three-minute walk from the Mstětice train station, which offers a fast, regular services to downtown Prague as well as to Kolín and Kutná Hora.


    Closer to our customers’ customers

    With a growing number of new customers and increased volume of services provided to existing clients, it was inevitable that FM Logistic would need a new building. At P3 Prague D11 alone, FM Logistic loads and unloads 45 trucks every day. Overall, the company ships 24,000 pallets a month. The new warehouse space has increased FM Logistic's operations to a total of 75,000 m2, with the possibility of further expansion.


    FM Logistic monitors its clients' needs on a continual basis, which is one of the reasons for choosing Prague's eastern outskirts. The company now has strategically placed facilities in both eastern and western parts of the Czech capital, and has moved closer to the retail operations of its customers. Specifically for Nestlé, moving to the eastern side of Prague has brought a sizeable reduction of transport costs. "The opening of a new facility in the eastern part of Prague underscores our strategic partnership with Nestlé in the CEE region, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania.


    “As in our other branches, we plan to carry out multi-client and multi-active operations at P3 Prague D11, including storage, transport, packaging, and customs services. That will allow us to benefit from synergies offered by both technical and human resources," explained FM Logistic CSO Štěpán Ladányi.


    The new warehouse at P3 Prague D11 was built at an above-average speed of 230 m2/day, allowing the first customer to move in within 171 days* FM Logistic is one of P3's biggest partners, with facilities at as many as five P3 logistics parks in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Romania, where the company occupies a total of over 80,000 m2 of space. An additional 7,200 m2 will be added to the company's portfolio at P3 Poznan park in Poland in the coming weeks. In the Czech Republic, FM Logistic has previously only leased space at P3 Prague D1. "The new storage and distribution complex at P3 Prague D11 is not only another step in the development of our partnership, but also explicit confirmation that P3 is able to meet the highest standards in architectural design, state-of-the-art technologies, and the quality of construction work. Even though we have only been at the new distribution centre for a short while, everything works as if we have been here for a year," Ladányi added.


    The firm's client, Nestlé, is pleased with the superior ecological credentials of the new facility, which it uses for the storage of some 23,000 products from factories in Zora Olomouc, Sfinx Holesov and across Europe including confectionery and culinary goods, coffee and beverages, cereals, pet and baby food and nutritional products which are then distributed to customers throughout the Czech Republic.


    "The new warehouse not only saves energy an improves the quality of the storage of our products. but thanks to its strategic position, it will reduce our carbon footprint in transporting goods to customers, by approximately 100 tons of CO2" said Stanislav Martínek, Director of Supply Chain for Nestlé. 


    "Moving into a new warehouse went smoothly and our customers did not notice at all," continued Martínek.

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  • New warehouse of FM Logistic in Jirny - Prague East (D11)

    New warehouse of FM Logistic in Jirny - Prague East (D11)

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