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Promotion is one of the most effective ways to increase market share. However, today, packaging is a key focus for brands’ commitments to the planet and to people.

At FM Logistic, we know the key role that co-packing, co-manufacturing and late differentiation play in sales and marketing strategies.

We help brands create a competitive advantage by turning co-packing solutions into a sustainable asset.
Do you want to expand your product range, run point-of-sale promotions or expand into new markets? Our co-manufacturing and co-packing solutions ensure the agility of your product offering without impacting your production capacity while proposing sustainable alternatives. They are an effective lever for a more responsible supply chain.

FM Logistic provides responsive, flexible and sustainable co-packing solutions that give you a competitive edge. Our high level of service in terms of packaging design, component sourcing and production is achieved through optimised planning and improved stock rotation. We offer tailor-made co-packing solutions, adapted to your strategy.

Let’s design and run responsible supply chain together

Together with our packaging and technology partners, we develop innovative, environmentally responsible co-packing solutions to create a better supply chain and increase the performance of your operations. FM Logistic acts for positive impacts and more responsible consumption.

How we partner with you

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Agility, sustainability and cost optimisation

Our co-packing services are at the forefront of innovation in terms of reliability and flexibility. Our services facilitate streamlined inventory management and optimal responsiveness to demand:

  • inter-site transport is eliminated
  • stocks of components and finished products are grouped together in a single warehouse
  • fixed costs are shared
  • speed of commissioning is ensured by dedicated equipment, space and organised teams

We implement a rigorous industrial approach (processes, continuous improvement, automation, information systems) that applies best practices. As a leading logistics provider, our experience in managing seasonal operations of all sizes and our certifications (ISO, IFS…) guarantee first-class co-packing services for your company.

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Upgrade the consumer experience with more responsible co-packing services

While outsourcing, delayed differentiation has always been a way for brands to focus on their core business and meet market demands. Packaging is becoming increasingly strategic when it comes to the environment topic. We are the extension of your business. We support market changes with our turnkey solutions combining eco-design, production and distribution:

  • Eco-design solutions: we avoid the use of plastic and other toxic substances, we adapt the size of the packaging to optimise both material use and transport, we choose to use mainly recyclable and reusable materials.
  • Donation: we offer our clients to donate to non profit organisations, products aimed for destruction.
  • Optimal networking: we integrate the best actors on each topic: sustainable packaging designers, waste collection organisations, NGO’s…

From zero plastic to late differentiation to optimising transport impact, we are driving change and defining new sustainable market models for our customers.

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Reduce time to market and boost your sales

As a logistics pioneer and renowned supplier, we tailor our high-performance co-packing solutions to your supply chain objectives for increased efficiency and reliability. Our team of specialists, including designers and engineers, is dedicated to helping you optimise your operations and drive growth. We set up supply chain schemes to boost responsible consumption, such as bulk products.

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Want to scale up your supply chain or optimise your packaging operations? Discover our latest co-packing solutions.

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